The Monroe Institute

Gateway Excursion Workshop

The Monroe Institute is at the fore front of evolving consciousness on the planet. Their research is the cutting-edge of neuro-science and psycho acoustics. They have discovered how to utilize combinations of specific tones of sound to alter brain wave activity and target specific expanded states of awareness in a safe and consistent way. This process is called Hemispheric Synchronization or Hemi-Sync for short. The Institute holds several patents on this technology.

For most people, the development of inner awareness takes many years of disciplined effort, with results often being haphazard and erratic as an individual learns through direct experience what processes actually produce the desired results.

As you listen to the Hemi-Sync sounds, you will effortlessly move into levels of consciousness that are usually only accessible after years of training. Being sustained in these expanded levels by the sounds, you will then be able to identify these new experiences of consciousness and learn to re-access them again without the support of the sounds.

The goal of this two day Excursion Workshop is to assist you in the better understanding your total self and utilizing previously untapped inner resources.

On the first day, you will begin by learning how to put your body to sleep while your mind remains alert and awake. You will then learn how to safely and instantaneously move back and forth between an inner state of relaxed, calm balance and the external day-to-day world.

On the second day, you will begin to distance from the physical world and establish a connection with the wisdom of your own unconscious, to learn how to ask questions and receive answers through your own "knowingness" that is beyond deductive analytical logic. You will also experience the superconscious in an exercise to connect with your Higher Self.


The Monroe Institute is located in Faber, Virginia and was founded by Robert Monroe who developed the Hemi-Sync technology. The Monroe Institute offers week long residential programs which utilize progressive states of focused awareness including; Gateway, Guidelines, Lifeline, and Exploration 27 35.

Upon completion of this gateway outreach workshop, participants receive a one hundred dollar discount certificate towards a residential program at the Monroe Institute.

Lee Stone is now a residential instructor at the Monroe Institute. He created the Timeline Program and also teaches the Gateway, Guidelines, Lifelines,Exploration 27, Starlines and Starlines II Programs.

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